Lunch Break (Downtown Albany)

Lunch Break: Dali Mamma

Despite working only a couple blocks away from Dali Mamma at a previous job, I have never ventured inside before. This could be because the previous location (and to some extent, the new location) seem a bit unapproachable, tucked away inside larger office buildings and without a big street presence. It could also be because I never realized what Dali Mamma offered. The name is a bit odd, and it doesn’t really convey a genre of food.

A recent lunch at Dali Mamma has me regretting all of those times I passed it by. The menu is primarily sandwiches and salads, with a strong emphasis on local produce. Many of the options are vegan or vegetarian. Some of the most promising options that I did not try were the Beverwijck sandwich (in-house roasted beef, beet infused horseradish, sweet potato, and cheddar); a salad with roasted fennel, brussels sprouts, lemon, greens, and shaved parmesan; and a couscous salad with currants, greens, and honey lemon basil dressing.

I decided to try the curried chicken salad sandwich as a wrap.

Curried Chicken Salad Wrap at Dali Mamma
Curried Chicken Salad Wrap at Dali Mamma

This wrap was phenomenal. The chicken salad included generous chunks of walnuts and grapes, and the curry mayo had a mild sweetness to it that wasn’t overpowering. The lettuce and tomato were nicely crisp and fresh. And the portion size was perfect!

Chocolate Cookie at Dali Mamma
Chocolate Cookie at Dali Mamma

The checkout counter also had a variety of baked goods on display, including muffins, biscotti, and cookies. I decided to try a simple chocolate cookie. I was pretty blown away by this selection as well. The cookie was super light, with an almost brownie-like consistency and a smooth chocolate taste. The powdered sugar coating was a welcome dash of sweetness to top it all off.

I truly enjoyed my lunch at Dali Mamma, and I’m eager to return to try some of the other interesting menu options. It’s worth noting that this meal was not cheap – the sandwich alone cost more than ten dollars. I tend to believe that some extra cost is worth the quality from fresh and local produce, not to mention the benefits of supporting local farms. Maybe Dali Mamma isn’t a place that you’ll want to order lunch from every day, but the occasional splurge would be well worth it.




2 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Dali Mamma

  1. I’ve been going here since she originally opened on Maiden Lane. Amazing food and you feel so good after you eat there. No yucky belly like with greasy or heavy food. Check them out on Thursday nights for Dali After Dark too.The local vibe isn’t just with the food, but every Thursday Dali Mamma reopens the kitchen at 7pm and hosts a local musician.


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