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I’ve never really thought of Schenectady as a preferred brunch location, in part because it’s so far from my house. Plus there are so many tempting options popping up in Troy, and everything in Albany is just conveniently located when you’re looking for a central location to gather some friends. But I was looking through… Continue reading More Perecca’s



Summer Cookouts at The Cheese Traveler

Important summertime announcement about where you should be spending your Friday nights: The Cheese Traveler in Albany is again holding a series of cookouts this year. Every Friday from 5-9, the restaurant/cheese shop has a rotating list of guest chefs that are whipping up some quality dinners – primarily burgers, but usually a few other options as… Continue reading Summer Cookouts at The Cheese Traveler

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Carbonara at Cafe Capriccio

There are few things better than fresh pasta, especially when paired with bacon. Cafe Capriccio in downtown Albany serves up a variety of fresh pasta options, including this lovely carbonara with bacon, onions, cheese, and egg served over homemade tagliatelle. It’s no secret that Cafe Capriccio provides top notch Italian fare in Albany. The restaurant… Continue reading Carbonara at Cafe Capriccio