Namu Korean BBQ

Namu Korean BBQ in Colonie has been on my must-try list ever since I had hot pot for the first time in Manhattan a while ago and searched for similar Capital District places. It turns out that while they do have a “hot pot” section on the menu, it’s not quite the same experience – you cook the… Continue reading Namu Korean BBQ


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Mozzarella Sticks with Melba Sauce

As someone who didn’t grow up in the Capital Region, I have always been baffled by the local specialty of serving mozzarella sticks with melba (raspberry) sauce. I have always known and loved the traditional accompaniment of marinara sauce for mozzarella sticks as well as lots of other unhealthy goodies like calamari or garlic knots.… Continue reading Mozzarella Sticks with Melba Sauce